The sea

Take me to the sea, I ask you please.

I need to feel the sand like rough petals underneath my feet
exfoliating my heels…

I need to feel the ocean breeze while fixated on the eagles far East.

Feeling the warmth of the sun as kisses from above
my pores need to breathe the saline sea,
its rich healing is all I need.

I need to see the sea, I ask you please.

LE. Lengane.


We sit and analyse the decay in South Africa today.

Democratic freedom, freedom I say!
we’re ranked 1st on the list of atrocities today.

Men penetrate your temple and vandalise your spirit while they proclaim “Amen I deserve this today!”
silencing screams as his pleasure fills the hallway.

We’re ranked 1st on the list of atrocities today
as hashtags proclaim “say her name, say her name”
we sing this hymn
to no prevail…

Initiatives implemented and round table discussion documented meanwhile femicide has cemented a scent leaving us tormented.

We cry freedom, freedom I say!
as we’re ranked 1st on the list of atrocities again.

LE. Lengane.


Frustration, aggravation and endless deprivation
factions unsettled unaccompanied by legislation.

Equality… you mean a long lost treasure ?
We cannot be measured.

God my Creator and only salvation
we fight on our temporary vacation unaware the reparations.

Such displeasure as value is placed on complexion,
coco bean pigment once celebrated, used to manufacture social segregation.

Breaking the commandment and leaving it in fragments
we’ve become like bandits.

On a manhunt for justice
peace… I advocate but I know the disatisfaction.

Frustration, aggravation and endless deprivation
factions unsettled unaccompanied by legislation.

LE. Lengane.

Star in my sight.

She dreamt she was infinitely bright with eyes gazing at her sight.

A meteorite igniting colours we cannot recite.

She’s a beem of light…a star of the night.

Aware her shine is the main appeal,

her final show seems to be for our delight.

In her prime, indeed I chime

so divine…

Her dream was a sign.

She is a star we cannot deny.

LE. Lengane.

A Year Ago.

I’m writing this in anticipation of the day your life was taken away.

Who knew what I’d say if you were here today

God knew you’d serve as my muse, conveying the anguish of missing your ray.

You aren’t here to read this, you’re sleeping today…

When the clouds open and the trumpets play, the Lord will come and you’ll wake up again.

Until that day, you’ll wear away

Until the sunrises again.


LE. Lengane.


A wound that bleeds; unable to heal for he desturbs her peace.

He cannot love her the way she needs but he makes use of her whichever way he please.

She cannot sigh relief for she knows her heart is in need

she continues to bleed…

She looks for love on his bed of thorns, unaware that his “love” is anything from what she needs.

His nonchalant surface appealing to her rareview mirrors…

smudged is her sight by his mere exterior.

She continues to bleed; unable to heal.

LE. Lengane.

Can You?

Can you love my soul and what it stands for without bypass my credence?

Can you enjoy my mind without being fooled by the ideals some want to place on me?

Can you merit my knowledge and applaud my substance without questioning its source?

Can you appreciate my heart without making a mockery of the intensity in which it beats?

Can you see the significance of my body without trying to lesson its value by oversexualisng me?

Can you value me as a whole without casting parts of me away?

Can you see my significance?

LE. Lengane.


Amazed by the far stretching earthly architectural scape

gazing from inside her bubble of insecurity.

A blazing beauty yet she is the one to extinguished her flame


She dilutes her substance to appear tasteful to those who lack the capacity to love her right.

An emotional maze rapidly sculptured a sturdy wall around her heart.

One can only hope she feels the warmth her in depth beauty births.

Amazed we are to see how your flame wishes to be set free.

Awaiting for you to retire the fire extinguisher.

L.E Lengane.

Midnight stroll.

Pitch black is the night, only stars to guide our way

flickering as if they were our audience.

They witnessed the love we shared whilst setting in motion the romance we felt.

Walking slowly along the pavement, we catch a glipse of the moon seemily smile down on us

as if we got the approval from our Father above.

We submerg ourselves in the love as it beems outward towards one another.

Closer to our destration yet our pace faulters in an attempt to prolong our interaction.

He feels my love as strongly and as intensly as I feel his.

He hald onto my hand as if it was his only source of warmth, footsteps away from my destination.

I feel no need to let him go…

The stars continue to flicker as the raindrops began to fall… indeed the stars became a true depiction of what my heart felt.

LE. Lengane.